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Jose "Coco" Jarin



Coach Coco started coaching on the Pop Warner level in 1980. As a coach, Coco learned early that a coach is as good as the players that he coaches. In 1980, he was fortunate to coach a team blessed and full of talent, sending 7 players on to play football at division 1 colleges. The 1980 team went on to post a 15-0 record and a midget division state championship and a mythical National Championship. Coach Coco has had the honor to have coached three teams in three different levels to state titles with the latter being at

Mt. SAC in 1997 where they also won a National Title.

Not only has Coach Coco been blessed with good players, he has been surrounded by good quality coaches. In high school his head coach was Dave Lay, who would go on to become offensive coordinator at San Diego State and Colorado State. While coaching at Sweetwater High school Coco was fortunate to coach under Gene Alim and learn from the likes of Stanford great, Dave Tipton. While coaching at Southwestern College, Coco was influenced by Dan Underwood who played at Michigan State and coached at Arizona State and San Diego State. Coco believes that to be a good coach, one has to incorporate the qualities of others, while still being himself. While at Mt. SAC, Coach Coco once again found himself surrounded by quality coaches led by the late great  Coach Bill “Mountie Bill” Fisk.

Coach Coco, has coached numerous players that have gone on to become coaches 71 and still counting. Coco feels that as a coach, it is his duty to give back to the coaching community in the form of clinics and seminars. Coco has become a resource for many coaches in the coaching community. This want to share his knowledge of football with the football world has reached new heights with the creation of social media and the www.Takeaknee.com website.


Coco has been blessed in marriage with Robin Lynn for 35 years and resides in Claremont California. The Jarin’s are blessed with sons Joshua Andre, Jonathan Albert, daughter-n-law Jackie, and three grandchildren Jade Soigne’e, Jonathan Albert Jr and Jewel Soleil.  The importance of religion, family, education and loyalty ranks high for Coach Coco and the Jarin Family.

Pop Warner      3 years,

  • 36 wins 4 losses 1 State Championship,

  • 1 National Championship

High School      21 years

  • 188 wins 41 losses 1 State Championship

Junior College   12 years

  • 63 wins 20 losses 1 State Championship

  • 1 National Championship

Division 3          5 years

  • 30 wins 15 losses

Jarin Time is Family Time