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Harmonic Steps

The Harmonic Steps 2 Success is a series of tips and resources to share with students to support them in staying on track with there education. 



MusNatural Founder and CEO

Hello to all,

I have been in education for 21 years. I started off teaching in Glendora at a private school and then went to public. I have always focused on middle school and the subjects range from history, language arts, drama, Art and AVID (which is a program that helps students get to college and their career). I became a school counselor in 2006 and have been doing it since. I am currently in the Claremont unified school District at the middle school El Roble. I happily serve seventh and eighth grade students. In any capacity whether it be in the classroom or outside of the classroom I enjoy having an impact on our students.


My Ohana is my husband who I have been married to for 18 years. We have three children that range from ages 14, 13 and ten. For fun we love going to the beach anytime we can get there and recently I’ve taken on ukulele lessons.



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