Kamilah Williams

Kamilah "Coach Lah" Williams

Founder of 3D Athletics Company

Takeaknee Micro-back office Manager    

With over 25 years of elite experience Coach Lah is one of the top coaches in the nation when it comes to developing and fine-tuning speed, dynamic ability and the elite mindset. With a personal start in the world of speed at 4-years-old Coach Lah is no stranger to every level of competition. As kid she attained multiple AAU and USA Track and Field (USATF) Nation titles. She went on to compete in high school, college and qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials. Winning 24 state titles, she earned multiple Nike HS All American titles,  NCAA qualifiers and All American performance, Verizon All American, All East Coast Athletic Conference and All Big Ten conference teams. As track Alumni of both Penn State University and Florida State University she began her elite coaching career while still competing for FSU and coaching teammates during non-practice evening sessions. Coaching the likes of Olympians Walter Dix and Ricardo Chambers, as well as Cash Case (MLB), and 2019 USA National Champion in the Women's 100 md Teahna Daniels and Ohio State corner back, Sevyn Banks, as well as many athletes across the sports.. 

She is also a teacher working with incarcerated youth. A musician and active volunteer with multiple nonprofits that serve their communities through  music, sports and education.  True to the TakeaKnee alignment, she is a student of life and a teacher of skill and grit who thrives off of serving, empowering and educating others. 

"Through 3D Athletics I have created many training programs for athletes and coaches alike, across multiple sports including; softball, soccer , rugby and basketball bringing me to over 20 years of success and a close-knit group of colleagues and coaches who are dedicated to the same thing." I know there is so much work to do, and yet, so many areas that we could impact and change together, so I am excited and looking forward to meeting with you so that we can TakeaKnee together."

- Coach Lah

Coach Coco Jarin: (951) 533-8093
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