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Mike Adams aka Mr. Synergy


Mike Adams

CPO Chief Project Officer



TakeaKnee – Mr. Synergy aka Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a dynamic and passionate professional who has leaned on his exceptional networking skills to develop and nurture a diverse group of talented, driven, and passionate individuals. This has earned him the title of Mr. Synergy, a man of many traits. 

Mike has leveraged his network by identifying major contributors and has developed a web of alliances for the TakeaKnee platform. The TakeaKnee family and all the individuals that Mike has brought over to this platform share an alignment of principles, values, and vision - to Impact Communities Globally through Education and Sports. 

Mr. Synergy has adopted a unique process which helps him identify individuals that align with the TakeaKnee values: embracing, learning, sharing. This process includes several steps thereafter: connect, consult, and filter. Mike’s process has a 48-hour window during which he likes to make the ultimate connection to TakeaKnee. 


Major Connections Made:

·         Proj3ct Elite

·         Kamilah Williams

·         Donzel Franklin “Coach Tutu”

·         Corin Smith – The Bermuda Connection

·         Trina

·         Tony Sweet - UBN.go

·         Coach Brian Smallworth


Mike is currently in the process of forming more relationships that will synergistically grow with the TakeaKnee family. 



1.       “TakeaKnee is the ultimate platform to impact communities globally through education and sports.”

Adams Time is Family Time