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Founder & CEO Prime Time Polynesian Sports

Defensive Line Coach | Riverside CC

PTP Sports provides clinics, camps, tournaments, 7V7 teams, and football training.  PTP Sports uses a specialized position-specific training program called Nemesis Elite II (Nemesis Elite Training was created by Master Trainer and PTP President Pene Talamaivao).  PTP Sports coaches, staff, and professionals, under the guidance of Coach Pen, will help maximize your student-athletes potential with their respective sport and positions.

Fostering our Polynesian traditions through family values such as respect, honor,  and aloha (unconditional love); these values are integrated into the methods and standards we incorporate into our training, teaching, and coaching styles.  The impact and emphasis on the values will evoke confidence beyond the sport and ultimately serve student-athletes in his/her life, community, and family. 

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