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Being a Loyal Soldier

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Coach Coco’ Pearl Blog #1

Being the Loyal Soldier.

When one really recognizes how valuable they are then and then only will they realize how valuable they are. As a coordinator for most of my 42 years of coaching I truly have learned to appreciate all my assistant coaches and the value that they bring. The importance to commitment and loyalty from all coaches really is an ingredient for success. Recognizing that we the assistant coaches are the systems that creates a smooth vehicle that is micro managed by the man in control the head coach. In order to create the optimal environment for our student athletes we as a staff all have to be on the same page.

Pearl Time

Pride, when we truly have a passion to become the best it’s here where we set goals and embrace the small steps that it takes to reach that distant goal. As a position coach we want to be the most prepared, we want to create an environment where our student athletes become one with all we to do. Having drills that are relevant to the practice plan at hand is important to creating natural game movements which enables the student athlete to go fast. Winning everything is the mindset that needs to be instilled to our players. Be the best and dare yourself to be great in everything you do and watch your players follow your lead.

Embrace, just waking up and knowing that you have a plan that will create a better version of the team, group and your own self with proper planning and coordinated drills for growth. Knowing that your coaches meeting and all the planning to elevate the program has been truly planned out to make the 2021 season the year. When we embrace all the steps planned then our student athletes see the passion and embrace those steps as well. Remember we are in this all by ourselves so it's really important that we truly become a family and embrace the building blocks towards our success.

Attitude, incredible how something so small can become such a big issue. This determines the quality of you the individual of me the coach and how we represent the program. The character that I portray as a coach will truly influence the players that I coach. Am I a positive coach, am I a coach who believes in the program, am I a coach who truly respects his players and above all do I provide the opportunity to compete daily for playing time. The importance of attitude can really determine how you are viewed.

Respect, truly appreciating the opportunity that this wonderful game of football has given many student athletes as they create goals and steps to get to the next level. First and foremost we have to become a family and trust each other on and off the field. How we speak and act in public and on campus will determine the character of the program and believe me this starts with the head coach and trickles down to the youngest player of the program. Represent and watch the program benefit.

Loyal, to the program and to the mission from all involved is the first step of many building blocks to success. As a staff we all sat down and gone over the coaches manual provided by the head coach. Yes, this is what we buy into this is the product of who we now become and what we build. Not a coach, nor a player, is above the program. By truly becoming a part of the fibers of the team, our loyalty becomes extremely synergized which now creates the optimal program.

I’ve gone to the toolbox and know what to polish for the 2021 season now it’s time to get micro-focused and get the steps in place, basically its BHAG time.


Coach Coco Jarin

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