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Embracing the Circle

Borrowed from a friend/colleague, this is snap shot of a moment in the life span of a season in HS Football. This is a PROGRAM, every grade level in a circle, looking at one another.

The future seeing the present, the present seeing itself at the beginning; a full circle. In the middle is a logo, an image a symbol of what is hopefully embodied in the years to come.

The meaning or importance of this moment; those that choose to see themselves reflected in the logo, in the boy across from them, they stand in solidarity and in brotherhood(even if for a moment). They represent an ideology, a lineage, a tradition.

For a small moment they are protected. By each other and by the community that holds them dear. If they stay in this circle, they will reap the benefits of the whole, and suffer all of its pain. This is understood, this is expected, this is the way.

This circle has a shelf life. It can only last so long; it is predetermined. The rage and passion, the happiness and sorrow will last long after. There is an echo, The needs of the many, outweighs the wants of the few. Together, regardless of the outcome is better than facing it alone.

Milo Epling

Times are tough, maybe uncertain. But you and your circle are constant. Embrace it, develop it, see the past and the future in the same place. Coach’em up!

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