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What Defines You

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

It’s Monday morning after a devastating loss on the previous Friday night. As coaches, we meet yesterday to go through the game film and prepare for our next opponent. There is different feeling in the air today. As a coach you have to wonder how your players will react. As a coach you must make sure that you are leading and showing them how you react. Today is as important as almost any day that is left in this entire season. How we come back from this today will define who we are going forward.

Times have changed and so has the concept of leadership. In the past, prior to social media, we used to have to wait to see our players and they would respond based on the team’s energy. Now we have players, parents, and coaches that can tweet whatever they are feeling and this will guide the energy of the day. Recent tweets include “Part of Being a Man is not letting a loss define who you are but how you react to it,” and “win or lose, starting or bench, I will never quit on my brothers.” Based on these tweets from our team leaders it should be a good day of practice.

Our head coach does a great job of making sure that we reflect and learn from the last game, but we quickly move on. We will meet during lunch today to go over the previous game, but then after school prior to practice, we will watch this week’s opponent. It’s time to focus and get a win. We expect that our players will come out with a new sense of urgency this week. We must learn from a loss and move on.

This is why we coach. This is why we lead young men. Teaching them how to overcome setbacks in their life. Unfortunately this will not be the last time they will have adversity, and sadly this will be a minor setback compared to what they may face in their futures. We as coaches and educators must do our part to prepare our young men for success in their lives.

Great day to be a coach.

TAK TIME all the time!

Coach Tony Barile

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